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  I  nterpreting Services in Community Settings 

 Interpreting Services in Community Settings 

South-North Language Arts provides certified, experienced and punctual team of working interpreters for meeting or conference interpreting service worldwide. For us at South-North Language Arts, interpreting is more than just transmitting speech from one language to another. Our interpreters will mediate to render interpreting in the cultural context of the source and target languages in both the consecutive and simultaneous modes. We work closely with the Conference or Meeting organizers from the early stages of preparation (researching and familiarizing our team with standards of terminology used in your subject matter in the target language(s)) to the final stage of rending the interpreting task. South-North Language Arts can provide state of the art interpreting systems and equipment along the expertise of our highly qualified interpreters. In the event the conference or meeting room is not equipped with appropriate interpreting system, we can provide our technology-savvy interpreters to render the service. For prompt satisfactory rendering of interpreting services, written material requiring improvisation should be provided beforehand for thorough research and translation work, which enhances the interpreting process on the set time. South-North Language Arts team would always adjust to the client's needs for consecutive, simultaneous or whisper interpreting mode.

Interpreting in Community Settings

  • South-North Language Arts provide Interpreting Services in Community Settings tailored specially for our local area - the DC Metropolitan area (Northern Virginia, Maryland & DC.)
  • Our offices are based conveniently at the heart of the community and local authorities we hope to serve.
  • Depending on  our clients’ needs, we provide interpreting in medical, legal, conference and different community settings in both the consecutive and simultaneous modes.
  • Our well-trained and certified interpreters are there to do everything possible to get our clients' satisfaction by bridging the language and cultural gap.

Meet our team of project managers, linguists and translators

No job is too small or too large for South-North Language Arts.  Please Contact our office by email or phone and we will be happy to discuss your translation needs. 

Please contact South-North Language Arts with a detailed description (as much as possible) of your projected meeting or conference (such as papers published prior to the event, ongoing discussions of the subject matters, source and target languages, country of event, date(s) of conference or meeting(s), etc.) We will work closely with you to insure that all our skills and expertise are fully employed for a satisfactory rendering of the interpreting experience.