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 It was during  post-colonial times that the concept of language being a “bounty or spoil of war” was somewhat accepted among the elites who inherited both power, and the "power of language", in newly independent countries in the Middle-East. It was Algerian writer Kateb Yacine who coined the phrase more precisely: " French language is a bounty (or a spoil) of war." It may be said that Yacine was trying to reconcile himself with the fact that most of his great literary work was written exclusively in French, the language of the then archenemy.   


The keen linguist should of course  understand the contexts that engulfed Kateb Yacine and his contemporaries at the time. She would however choose  to regard language, our species’ most advanced invention, through the wealth of knowledge it can truly offer us about the entire human experience. At South-North we suggest that language is rather “a bounty of love; love being here the attentive and intimate engagement with the most detailed workings of your subject of passion.”

We at South-North Media & Language Arts hope to bring this attentive and close engagement with the deep workings of language (in text, voice, or visual representation) into our daily work with our partners, students and clients. We focus our work passionately on building bridges and trans-relating the worlds we live in through the power of Media, Translation, Localization, Language Training programs, and Translator Training Workshops.

Learn a new language at South-North

ONE-ON-ONE Language Training Classes

South-North Language Arts  runs a small group of "1-on-1 Language Training classes" at our classrooms in Springfield, Northern Virginia.  These focussed courses are taught in a relaxed study atmosphere by a team of very helpful, friendly and experienced native-language instructors who also have many years of experience as writers and translators in their languages of expertise.

Translate, Certify & Notarize your Legal Documents

SAME-DAY Certified & Notarized Translation:

Our office in Springfield, Virginia offers SAME-DAY certified and notarized translation for  all legal documents, including legal filings, licenses, passports, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, birth certificates, certificates Transcripts, etc. in more than 25 languages, including, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Russian, French and more. Please call or book an appointment using this form.   

Need an Interpreter?

Interpreting in Community Settings

We provide personalized interpreting services in medical, legal, and different community settings in both the consecutive and simultaneous modes.